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Immunotherapy BreakthroughA therapy that retrains the body’s immune system to fight cancer has provoked excitement after more than 90% of terminally ill patients reportedly went into remission… (read more)


For reasons we don’t yet understand, the body produces more light chain molecules than it needs, so there are always free light chain molecules circulating in your blood. As abnormal myeloma cells produce more and more M-proteins, the level of free light chain molecules rises in the blood… (read more)


Cancer Breakthrough

Prostate cancer breakthrough as scientists crack genetic code behind nine in 10 tumoursNine out of 10 cases of late stage prostate cancer can now be linked to changes in the DNA of sufferers, the Institute of Cancer Research. Thousands of men suffering from advanced prostate cancer have been offered new hope of a cure after scientists discovered the genetic cause behind 90 per cent of tumours.And, in some cases, there are already drugs which can tackle those genetic defects which are being used for other cancers… (read more)

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JULY 23-24 – 2 DAYS & 39.3 MILES

AVON 39 San Francisco route starts at Fort Mason. Trek gorgeous neighborhoods like North Beach and Pacific Heights, then cross the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, through Sausalito and the scenic countryside of Marin…. (read more)

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“DENSE BREASTS” diagnosis varies widely among radiologists The likelihood of a woman being told she has dense breasts varies substantially according to which radiologist interprets her mammogram…. (read more)


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ASCO CHICAGO 2016The Future of Patient Centered Care & Research

An Inside Look with reporting from Patient-Advocate Rosemary JohansenIn looking through all the web site banners and programs for this years ASCO Conference I kept asking myself one thing; What do they mean when they say “Collective Wisdom” and is anyone asking patients for their ideas… (read more)

DOES CANCER LOVE SUGAR?It’s true that sugar feeds every cell in our body, even cancer cells. But, research shows that eating sugar doesn’t necessarily lead to cancer.So, how much sugar is safe to eat? (read more)



Youtube IconConversations with Katy Join the discussion with the newest installment in this series of honest, direct, & inspirational conversations with “real” people talking openly about their disease and their lives. This episode focuses on Lung Cancer, moderated by Katy Samson… (read more – watch now)

TOP 10 SIGNS OF CANCER IN DOGSIt’s a dog owner’s worst nightmare hearing the four words: “Your dog has cancer.” But it’s a stark reality for many. In fact, one in three dogs will develop cancer, according to the National Canine Cancer Foundation… early symtoms include:1. Abdominal Swelling That Presistants Or Grows2. Sores That Do Not Heal3. Weight Loss… (read more)



CARE GIVER FATIGUEThe first step in treating it is recognizing that you have it (read more)

The Death of Cancer:After Fifty Years on the Front Lines of Medicine, a Pioneering Oncologist Reveals Why the War on Cancer Is Winnable–and How We Can Get There.For fifty years, Dr. Vincent T. DeVita Jr. has been one of those key players: he has held just about every major position in the field, and he developed the first successful chemotherapy treatment for Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a breakthrough the American Society of Clinical Oncologists has called the top research advance in half a century of chemotherapy. As one of oncology’s leading figures, DeVita knows what cancer looks like from the lab bench and the bedside. (read more)

Death of Cancer